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Winter Challenge
'Awaken your blue mind'

First launched over the winter of 2022 / 23 with the support of a £500 grant, the challenge would not have started without this crucial funding !!!

Take part in our winter challenge - discover wellbeing and awaken your blue mind.  


To find the positive benefits of water for the body and mind you don’t need to like cold swimming or even live near water.  You just need to be up for a bit of a challenge.


‘Awaken your blue mind’ has over 80 challenges.  Some are active and others are creative, some are mindful and others are about giving back to blue spaces. You can do the same challenge more than once.


Anyone can take part - adults, children and families.  Last year people with illness or disability found enjoyable challenges too.  


The challenge is to complete 21 activities over the winter months, starting on 29th October 2023 (when the clocks go back in the UK) and ending on 31st March (when the clocks go forward).  Complete the challenge and receive your reward - ‘Awaken your blue mind’ badge.  


We provide an ‘Awaken your blue mind’ e-journal for recording your challenges and reflections. It is full of inspirational quotes about the restorative power of water.


Join our free Facebook group to share your experiences with other like-minded people who are up for a challenge and want to discover a sense of wellbeing by connecting to blue spaces.  


Last year over 100 people completed the challenge from across the world.  This is what they said:


‘Motivating, inspiring and thought provoking.’


‘Inspiring, confidence-building, community’


‘Healing, uplifting and magical’


‘Completing the blog gave me time to reflect on the importance of blue therapy’


‘It gave me a community I don't have here where I live. I learned so much.’


How do I sign up?


Just click on the appropriate link below


£10 entry fee for individuals (£12.00 outside the UK) or £20 for families.  


All proceeds will go to the Bluetonic charity, so make a difference to your life and to the lives of others who need support to access blue spaces.  


You will receive your:

  • ‘Awaken your blue mind’ e-journal

  • List of challenges 

  • Access to our free Facebook group

  • And when you finish, your badge. 

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Buy now using links below

After paying in PayPal scroll down and press "return to sender" button. This will automatically take you to your documents where you need to open them and save a copy.

If you click out of this page without doing this you will not be able to go back. Fear not we can still sort this.

Please make sure your that if your delivery address and email are not up to date in PayPal you provide updated details in the notes section when paying.

Any problems or questions, please email rather than posting questions on Facebook. We will respond promptly.... Take care Bluetonic team x


Individual      £10


Family     £20


Individual -Outside UK   £12

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