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Little Girl in a Big City

Urban water

Urban areas may feel like places where you are distant from water. But still get out and look and hopefully you will find areas of water.

In urban areas you can find canals, stream’s, pond’s, water features and fountains.


If in an urban are without access to water why not raise this at local council, attend meetings about regeneration in your local area and suggest water as a feature is something that should be considered.


Your voice can help change the way our urban areas use water to help provide access to urban blue spaces helping people’s health and wellbeing.

Even in the house there are lots of things you can do to stimulate your Blue Mind:

  • Take a bath, bathing has been used through humanity as a way of relaxing so much so it’s easy to neglect. Egyptians and Romans especially had a focus on water emersion as a way to relax so why not set aside a time to put electronics down, throw in bath salts and absorb yourself at home.

  • Take a shower as above an easy thing to do. It’s a place you can quickly refresh and there are befits to both using warm and cold water to stimulate the mind and body

  • Put up art work of watery scenes, even just seeing a picture of water helps the Blue Mind effect kick in

  • Create a blue wall of pictures. However big or small be creative and gather photos of family, friends and people from the past and present who are in Blue Spaces. If you look through photos most people find most are taken by the water. Why not dig them out print them and create something you look at and takes you back to these Blue Spaces.

  • Create a home based water feature. Using an indoor or outdoor water feature that circulates water and create the naturally relaxing sound moving water creates your own mini Blue Space.

Glasses of Water

Blue Mind at home

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