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About: Welcome
Image by Jeremy Bishop

We are a charity dedicated to creating experiences in, on or around blue spaces. Blue spaces are areas that are close to water either inland or by the sea.   Spending time by blue spaces on our doorstep can make us happier and healthier.

What we do?

Our aim is to help people improve their wellbeing by enjoying blue spaces.  

We are developing:  

  • Resources where people can map their own local areas and realise opportunities to be active in blue spaces.

  • Resources that support mindfulness as a skill to be used in blue settings, but also to support wellbeing in general

  • Working with water based sports coaches and clubs to increase access, especially to any groups of people in communities who are underrepresented

  • Working with health and well being professionals to support people to improve their wellbeing

  • Raising awareness around water safety

  • Co-designing with communities to increase participation in blue spaces

  • Offering volunteering opportunities to learn new skills and gain confidence

  • Sharing learning and increasing awareness about the benefits to people  


Bluetonic will:

  • Put water safety at the heart of our delivery

  • Connect people and create a culture of networking and sharing

  • Create conversations and actively listen to ideas 

  • Develop these ideas alongside communities

  • Be honest about which ideas we can support

  • Support activity to grow alongside people in communities and wherever possible involve them in delivery

  • Everything we do has sustainability and lasting effect

  • Create free resources that help people be active in Blue spaces

  • Put people's wellbeing at the centre of all activity

Bluetonic 1.jpg
Image by Samuel Horn af Rantzien


Here at Bluetonic, our work is based on the five ways to well-being.  

These are:  

To connect - encourage people to connect with each other and play an active part in developing our charity.

To be active - connecting people to take part in activities together. Being active lowers people’s risk of suffering from depression or anxiety. It also has many benefits in terms of physical health.

To take notice - everything we do around blue spaces involves an element of mindfulness involved in it. Being present and in the moment increases your happiness and wellbeing.  

To learn - supporting people to learn about the positive benefits of blue spaces on their happiness and wellbeing. Helping people to try new activities, learn new skills and gain confidence.  

To give - creating opportunities in local communities for people to volunteer and coach others.


One of our volunteers, Scott, spoke to Circularity about why bluespaces are so important. Check out the episode opposite. Circularity is about providing community spaces where people can creatively collaborate.



We want to hear about your ideas and we can help connect you to like minded people to make things happen.  Share your ideas on our Facebook page to get things started    

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