Together lets make a splash...


At Bluetonic our charity work will focus on targeting support at engaging people in the East Midlands who have barriers to being active in blue spaces. This activity we will define as targeted projects.

But we will also look to provide resources and activity that at times could benefit anyone no matter where you live. This will be defined as our universal offer.

  • Bluetonic takes a leading role in developing new experiences in blue spaces.  

  • Bluetonic recognises not all people can access blue spaces.  

  • Our projects break down barriers so everyone can experience the benefits of blue spaces.  

Make a splash!  Have you got a great idea for a project?  Or can you help fund us? We would love to hear from you. Please see an example of a targeted and Universal Bluetonic projects below:

Image by Amritanshu Sikdar


NHS funding has been secured to support a programme designed to engage people between the ages of 16 - 24 in water based activity with a focus on improving their overall wellbeing.

The programme will be for people living in Derbyshire and the draft plan is for delivery to start in the Long Eaton area. This will include engagement activities in, on and around water where water based sports coaches and health professionals work together to support people.

The programme will create new experiences as well as coaching simple techniques people can use to improve their everyday lives. People attending will be supported via life coaching principles to improve their ability to:

  • Connect and be present

  • Take action, improve and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing

  • Make life choices

  • Set goals

All this will happen in blue spaces and places that are local to them ​and will highlight the natural calming restorative effect that water has on people.

If you feel you could help deliver on a programme like this in the east midlands area then please get in touch.


Our free online cold water catch up runs every Wednesday at 7:30pm.  It runs on the zoom platform a chance to do something different, meet new friends and and talk everything swimming. 

Our Bluetonic volunteers host the session and once a month we aim to get a guest speaker / host. This is where people can get involved by suggesting and helping ask people of interest to guest. 

A lot of the support is about getting advice from peers as the session is for both novice and experienced swimmers. Even if you are just thinking about dipping a toe why not come along and talk to people.:​

  • Cold water shock and how to gradually dull the body’s response to cold water

  • Use of wetsuits, neoprene socks and gloves 

  • When to get out and how long to stay in

  • Adaptation of the mind and body in cold water

  • Slowly rewarming after the activity

We also want to promote some of the amazing health benefits of cold water swimming:

Stress relief

Coldwater swimming reduces stress by creating it. That sounds strange but initially been in cold water very naturally kicks in the bodies fight or flight response releasing endorphins. By doing this in a safe and managed environment most people find overcoming this euphoric. After this as people progress they become more relaxed and calm swimmers. Cold water swimming becomes a very mindful activity immersing you in the natural world.

Improves circulation

The effect on your circulation system is to pump blood to the surface. Repeating this exposure helps adapt us to the cold and improves your circularity system. It also:

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Cold water exposure is proven to boost people’s white blood cell count and over time your body becomes more responsive when responding when needing to activate defences

  • Promotes weight loss

  • Raising your heart rate and the extra energy required to keep the body warm burns far more calories than when swimming in an indoor pool.

So why not pop along to find out more, to book onto our session click the link below. 

Please see our Facebook page for details of booking onto the latest chat.