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Water Safety: Welcome

We want more people to experience the wonders of Blue Spaces. We show people how to enjoy Blue Spaces in a safe way.

At Bluetonic you will find information and free resources to help you stay safe and assisst you in what to do in the event of an emergency.


Blue Tonic works in partnership with organisations brought together by NWSF to promote water safety in the UK.

All our activities have been risk assessed under NWSF guidelines. 

Image by Nick Sarvari


1.   If you see someone in difficulty don't get into the water

2.  Raise the alarm, make sure someone calls 999 and if inland ask for the fire service

3.  Encourage the person to keep their hands in the water and float

4.  If you can find a life ring or buoy then throw this to them

5.  If they are close to the side you could lay down and use a stick or throw a line to pull them in (If you do this standing there is a danger of them pulling you in

6.  Do not enter the water to save a dog, as this is a common way people get into difficulty and the dog has a better chance of getting out than you do

More information here:

Image by Jacob Walti


This can happen to people when they first enter the water. One of the bodies main reactions is to gasp for air, which can lead to water quickly entering the lungs.

The best advice is to float to survive:

1.  Resist natural instinct to thrash around

2.  Lean back and extend arms and legs

3.  Move your arms and legs gently in the water to help you to float

4.  Float until you can control your breathing

5.  Only then call for help or if you can, swim to safety please see the RNLI site for more information

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