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Swim Safe

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Bluetonic brought Swim safe to the East Midlands for the first time  successfully securing funding from the Queens Jubilee fund via the National Lottery.


Swim Safe support's children aged 7–14 to learn about swimming in open water and was created by Swim England and the RNLI. Its a free session with a focus on water safety lasting 1 hour. Swim Safe takes is mainly taught at the coast, but Bluetonic are passionate about delivering to people inland. This is due to the fact the the vast majority of people getting into difficulty and drowning or in need of rescuing at the coast, come from inland. Over the summer month the Bluetonic team of coaches delivered sessions to over 1000 children.

We are passionate about delivering key safety messages and taking a proactive and educational approach to saving lives. The sessions took place at Spring Lakes, Water Sports Park in Long Eaton and they have been supportive in providing free access to the site to allow the sessions to happen.

The sessions also have a focus on the dangers of water inland. The urgency to get key messages out to people about water safety living inland has never been greater. This is highlighted in the most recent report relating to Key accidental drowning death WAID from the National Water Incident Database that states:

“Inland open waters, such as rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs and quarries continue

to be the leading locations with 58% of deaths”

Getting children actively learning in the environment about water safety will help reduce risk of them drowning in the future. There will also be a focus on children spreading key messages around water safety to peers and adults widening the impact on keeping people safe.

As well as water safety, delivery of this program provides opportunity for children and their families to engage safely in their local environment. We feel this is important for the people we will be working with as it helps overall wellbeing and are using the opportunity to talk to families and signpost them to resources available on this website and beyond. These resources encourage them to stay active in Blue Spaces and reap all the benefits to health and wellbeing as they go through life.

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