At Bluetonic we to support increased activity in terms of people safely entering the water to be active. 

We want people from all walks of life to be able to get into the water - whether to swim or even scuba dive.

We want to hear or support ideas that help people safely get into the water all year round.

Over the winter we ran our free weekly event for people interested in outdoor swimming. The cold water catch up was an online weekly conversation for anyone interested in cold water swimming.

Its was hosted by qualified open water swimming coach who volunteered sourcing various guests and created a space for people to connect during the winter lockdown. The cold water Chat will start again during the dark nights in October 2021, more details can be found in our projects section.

Image by Joseph Northcutt


Diving is a very relaxed sport that can be brilliant in terms of connecting with blue space environments.

It has been proven by a study completed at Sheffield University that diving directly reduces levels of anxiety and depression in people taking part.

To find out more about this and other information about diving click on the link to the BSAC website below: