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I love the water and I am a keen open water swimmer as well as enjoying kayaking. I work for Nottinghamshire County Council in a secure unit for young people. I enjoy helping young people turn their lives around and I am keen to support our charity to help as many people as possible.


The benefits of being in blue spaces are plenty I am passionate about finding new ways to engage people to be active and connect to their local environment.



I love being around Blue Spaces in my local area - I am often found walking and cycling along the Grantham Canal and the river Trent.  Further afield, I enjoy an adventure on my paddle board or kayak.  During lockdown I took up wild swimming after the swimming pools closed.  I enjoy being part of the wonder and beauty of nature in Blue Spaces. 

I run a vintage clothing business called whatclaricewore, named after my nana.  Previously, I was a programme director in Nottinghamshire County Council Social Care.  




I'm a careers adviser and have been supporting young people for over 20 years working to identify and overcome barriers, raise aspiration and encouraging young people to meet their potential.


I enjoy being outdoors, visiting local blue spaces and the coast whenever possible.



I grew up by the sea in a place called Whitby in North Yorkshire. Meeting my wife 20 years ago she talked me into to moving to Nottingham (about as far from the sea as you can get).

Getting back into swimming in the open water I realised you can get that same feeling you get when you go to the coast inland. This inspired the formation of the charity as a group of us started to talk about how good being in, on and around water is for your health and well being.

I currently work for Derbyshire County Council in a role that helps people in communities develop their own ideas for activity. I am also a practicing open water swimming coach as well as keen paddle boarder.



I have always loved swimming, since school age. Competing in galas and swimming in a club. I rekindled my love for the sport in 2013 when a friend won a holiday swimming with Strel holidays in Slovenia. I had some adult lessons and trained up for the holiday which involved a final swim across Lake Bled and was amazing.

Since then I have trained to be a swimming teacher, (when I finished working as a Senior Housing Professional working with people with specialist needs) I enjoy swimming in various outdoor locations and have done a couple of small events. I especially love swimming outdoors in natural settings such as lakes and reservoirs. (I also write rhyming poetry for a hobby and have recently completed a rhyme a day for 2020! ) 

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