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Undercurrents is a group for women in the East Midlands who are going through the menopause. The group aims to explore the positive benefits of being in or around water (blue spaces) in helping the symptoms of the menopause.


​Developed by menopausal women, the group wants to share their experience of being in blue spaces to have a happier and healthier menopause.


The aim is to help women come together to share experiences, offer peer support, explore the positive benefits of spending time in blue spaces, and try new activities.​​​ ​

We would like to thank Rachel Hazell aka the travelling book binder  for providing some funding to kickstart  this project.   Rachel was so inspired by the charity's work that she dedicated all the profits from one of her books to the charity. Called "Todays Changing Room" the book features luminous beaches, ancient rocks and crystal clear Hebridean waters.  Its a series of snapshots of the iconic Scottish Island of Iona through the seasons. The arc of the year can be read as a mindful journey through all weathers. To find out more please visit:

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